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Painting a Collodion Plate

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Video showing the painting of black on to the back of a collodion plate producing a positive image.

Kodachrome Test Shot Footage from 1922

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Amazing Kodachrome test film from 1922 owned and preserved by the George Eastman House Museum in Rochester, NY. The Kodachrome test film was restored by Sabrina Negri, a student at the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of...

Holga Collodion Photography

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Another nice video from Ian Ruhter on modifying Holga's for Collodion, wet plate photography.

Silver and Light :: Collodion Process

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Fabulous video made by Ian Ruhter, self-proclaimed alchemist about his journeys in a van making huge wet-plate, collodion process photographs.

Woodburytype Process Photography

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George Eastman House made this wonderful video on Woodburytype Process Photography.

Albumen Print Process

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Mark Osterman explains how the Albumen Print process works.